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Indonesia QRIS

The Indonesian QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard) is a national standard for QR code-based payments in Indonesia. It allows consumers to make payments by scanning QR codes using their mobile banking apps or e-wallets. QRIS enables interoperable and seamless transactions between different payment service providers and merchants across Indonesia. It helps streamline the payment process and promotes financial inclusion by providing a common platform for digital payments

Connect this solution via our payment gateway to start accepting local payments for the Indonesia market. As part of our full solution this will come with a payout channel using local bank transfer as a means for merchants to support their website withdrawals. logo IDR VA Demo Video Page

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No upfront or setup fees. We only charge a % on successful sales volume

Daily Settlements

NO Rolling Reserves. Merchant funds released same day basis. Settle local or offshore USD/EURO/USDT.

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