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Credit Card Solution facilitates merchant credit card applications through our licensed acquiring bank and third-party Payfac Partners, operating at a consulting level.

We understand that each merchant has distinct needs based on jurisdictional constraints and target markets. That's why we prioritize listening to you, striving to connect you with the most advantageous options for your business. For instance, we specialize in securing processing currencies tailored to your requirements and negotiating favorable settlement terms.

Experience a no-obligation consulting chat or call with us to discover if we can deliver what you are looking for.

Credit Card Policies

Rolling Reserves

Depending on risk assessment 0% and up to 10% rolling reserves may be held.


Depending on risk assessment settlements ranging from T+1 to T+14 days. 

Acquiring Banks

Acquiring banks located around the world in Asia, Japan, South Korea, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and more.

Currencies & Descriptor

Processing currencies range from NZD, AUD, JPY, KRW, CNY, USD, EURO, and more. All worldwide currencies are supported for payment but there will be interchange exchange applied if the payment currency differs from the processing currency. We are able to offer dynamic descriptors depending on our final risk assessment. Worldwide and exotic settlement currencies are available. 

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Contact Us

Fill out the form to contact us or express your interests for our solutions and we will be in touch to begin the onboarding process. Please provide correct information for us to ensure a speedy response.

We will be in touch shortly as long as your information is legitimate

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